Fostering With Us

The purpose of a foster home is to give a rescued dog a comfortable, loving place to stay until they are adopted by their forever family. Fostering is a great way to make a difference in a rescue dog’s life even if you are not yet ready to adopt and commit to years of caring for a dog.  We generally prioritize foster homes for those dogs for whom the shelter environment is particularly stressful – very shy or anxious dogs or  those recovering from medical procedures, for example. Anyone interested in becoming a foster parent is encouraged to complete the application and schedule a visit to our shelter to see which dog might be a good fit for their home. 


The foster’s most important job is to provide a safe, caring environment for the dog. Foster parents can also work on socialization, house training, and basic commands that will help the dog thrive in their forever home. ABR will provide all of the basic supplies needed for the dog to live comfortably in their foster home: collar, harness, and leash; food; medication if needed; a bed; and a crate, if appropriate. The length of time that a dog stays in foster will depend on the individual dog. Foster parents have the first right of refusal in adopting their foster dog. 

Finding The Perfect Home

Foster parents are asked to complete a questionnaire about the dog’s behavior in their home and provide updated pictures and/or videos of the dog that we can share. The more information that we have about the dog, the better chance we have of finding them the perfect home. Fosters are expected to bring the dogs to the shelter for adoption appointments, which will be arranged according to the foster’s schedule.


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