All Breed Rescue Staff


Shelter Manager

“I Love Dogs!”

Anne Cheatham

Assistant shelter manager

“My favorite part about working at ABR is the atmosphere. I love the people I work with and the adopters who come in to see the dogs. I also love seeing the dogs go home to their forever home. I am originally from Fiji and love to travel, work, hiking, and cuddling with my dog. I have 3 cats and 1 dog named Serena. Growing up with dogs, cats, guinea pigs, and horses led me to taking up an internship for 2 years at Mount Mansfield Animal Hospital.”

Libby sandberg

Team Leader // Senior Dog Handler

“I’ve been at ABR for two years! I love working here because it doesn’t  feel  like work! Each and every staff member here is so compassionate and caring; I love working with people who have the same passion for dogs that I do. Each and every dog is so unique in their own special way, and the hard-work that goes into caring for these selfless animals makes every day so  worth it.Being able to influence just one dog and seeing them finally find their new home means everything.”

Kelsey Stiles

Behavior Team Specialist // Senior Dog Handler

“I have been working with ABR for a year and a half, and I really enjoy the fun work environment. I can’t   imagine working else! I love making a connection  with the dogs here and seeing them go to deserving homes. It’s  not always the easiest job, but the end result is always worth it!”

The Board

Our Board Of Directors

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