All Breed Rescue is a New Hope Partner and can pull at risk pups from the NYCACC shelters. We need to ensure that once we pull them, they will be safe and ultimately adopted. If you are willing to be a foster or adopt, please fill out a foster or adoption application.  ABR will not pull any pup without an approved foster or adopter that ABR believes is a strong fit for the dog.

Approval includes processing the application and a home visit. Generally, beginner and average rated dogs can be pulled for new fosters . Any dog with a behavior rating of experience or NH only may only be considered for pull for a pre-approved or experienced foster.

We strongly recommend applying early to ensure we have completed the approval process to before you identify a dog you would like to rescue.

Of course, there are always exceptions and ABR will consider any application and every application for a specific dog will be approved or denied based on ABR’s determination as to whether the potential foster or adoptive family and the desired dog will be a good match – that decision will always ultimately be made by ABR/
If you are approved as a foster, All Breed Rescue will provide a crate, pre-approved vetting, and pre-approved training.
You can also help save NYCACC dogs by donating to ABR for their care. Many of the dogs have significant medical or behavioral issues which require funding to resolve. Please use the Donate button at the bottom  of the page.
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